Monday, February 2, 2009

RENT Live DVD Release Party

Kevin and I went to the RENT Live DVD release party tonight at Life Cafe. It's a wonderful DVD that was recorded during the last several Broadway performances and played briefly in theaters last year.

The closing cast is pretty great, with highlights like Will Chase as Roger and Rodney Hicks as Benny. Rodney and I worked on Jacques Brel... in 2006 at the now defunct Zipper Theater. He was in the ensemble when RENT first opened and was in the closing cast as Benny. Talk about coming full circle.

Jonathan Larson, the composer of RENT, died before the show opened on Broadway from an aneurysm from Marfan Syndrome. The National Marfan Foundation has a PSA on the DVD to generate awareness of the disease.


  1. I am a Rent-head and so jealous that you got to attend this event. I recently blogged about the dvd release, too.

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