Saturday, February 7, 2009

Odds & Ends

Thanks to everyone who made it to my going away party last night at Cafe 50 West. It was a great time and a shout-out to Kevin Jacobs for hosting us. Plenty of pictures to see on Facebook.

-- Obama Hope Artist Shepard Fairey was arrested in Boston on outstanding warrants 'alleging the Los Angeles artist tagged property with graffiti.'

-- NYC is loosing it's middle class - "I guess the day of reckoning is finally - and unfortunately - happening. The city that has long been the place of racial, cultural and class ferment is watching its heart - its middle-class - be replaced by the super-rich. Pretty sad, if you ask me."

-- A new poll shows Hamas more popular now than before the recent war. Ezra says: "The question with the war in Gaza was not whether it was right. It was whether it was smart. If you believe that the point was to weaken Hamas and push the Palestinians towards more sensible leadership, it's hard to see how Israel's assault can be judged successful."

-- The Howard Dean for HHS idea is spreading. Sen. Tom Harkin has backed Dean. Now if only we can turn Rahm Emanuel around.

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