Monday, February 16, 2009

10PM Odds & Ends

I'm starting to feel better, from whatever coldy allergy thing that I'm dealing with here in Bloomington. Someone told me yesterday that, "If you don't have allergies before you come to Bloomington, you'll have them after." Well, I had them before. So, I guess I have them doubly now.

-- NY Times - Is the conservative Supreme Court out to abolish the Exclusionary Rule?

-- Another liberal pushing for a return of The Fairness Doctrine. This is one dumb issue.

-- Bob Burnett makes a case for the separation of civil unions and religious marriage. No one has ever explained to me what business the state has issuing marriage licenses. Federal civil unions for all. Get married in your church.

-- Wild visualization of Walmart's growth.

-- Focus On The Family spent six-times as much money on Prop 8 as the Mormons.

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