Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Odds & Ends

--Oscar Wilde, the gay bookstore in nyc, is closing it's doors. Jeffery Self remembers having a friend who couldn't come in the store because he had a cup of coffee in his hands. It's always sad to see small businesses go, especially when they cater to the LGBT Community - but I never felt very comfortable in that store. I need to have coffee when I'm looking at books.

-- I'm going to the opening of the new film Memorial Day this evening. It's playing for a week in NYC, so try and check it out if you can.

-- Tonight is Really?, the first gay night at the hipster Bushwick restaurant Northern Kingdom. NK is located directly off the L train at Jefferson and the party starts at 11pm. I've been trying to be more involved in Bushwicky things and even started a Bushwick Pride group on Facebook.

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