Monday, February 23, 2009

Late Night Odds & Ends

We just finished staging Vote! today. The last song to stage was the act 1 closer, "I Sell You What," and that went fairly quickly. With the extra time, I was able to run the first 27 pages. Tomorrow we'll stumble through act one, fixing any issues that come up.

-- George Clooney has ruled out running for office in the past, "No. I've slept with too many women, I've done too many drugs, and I've been to too many parties." But, he sure looks like a candidate meeting with Barak Obama and Joe Biden about Darfar. Clooney spoke to the press outside the White House: “They said that they would appoint a full time high profile envoy that would report directly to the president... It's good to hear because there was some concern that this could fall off the radar. . .This would be a huge policy step." Clooney's right, it's good news. The UN has estimated over 400,000 have died in Darfar, nearly the number of Americans who died in World War 2.

-- NY Times says America loves their Obamas, the President's approval is 63%. Michelle is the most popular new First Lady in 28 years, at 49%. At this point, H. Clinton had a 44% approval rating... Just saying.

-- Arnold Schwarzenegger needs to be on Obama's Cabinet. How about replacing Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense. How fucking awesome would that be?

-- Obama just paid for $10 billion dollars in new Science funding.

-- A middle ground on gay marriage? Federal civil unions make a lot of sense.

-- Even Jesus isn't paying the bills anymore. Billy Graham lays off 10% of his workforce.

-- Former Father Charles O'Byrne, Gov. Paterson's former aid who didn't pay his taxes, isn't looking to return to Albany.

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