Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2012 Watch

The 2012 Republican Presidential Primary is going to bring me great joy. There is nothing I like to see more than a party desperately trying to justify their own existence. Although the January 2012 Iowa Caucuses are a few years away, I'll keep track of the contenders here. A few to start with:

Sarah Palin

Palin is all over the place with ads for her new PAC. This one, which i grabbed from the Drudge Report, has been running nonstop. She also came out against Obama's Stimulus Package on her Facebook Page - which has 497,683 supporters. I consider her the one to beat in '12.

Mitt Romney

I have a soft spot in my heart for Romney. He's super handsome and willing to say or do anything, absolutely anything, to get elected. Plus, as a Mormon, he is extra divorced from reality. Romney is attacking Obama with the best of them (From Time Mag): “I think President Obama is off to a rocky start. The theme ‘Yes, we can’ seems to have been replaced with ‘Well, maybe we can’t.'" He only has 56,353 supporters on Facebook.

David Petraeus

General Petraeus is the one to watch. He's brilliant and in control of a large part of the military. Plus, it looks like he's leaking misleading documents to the media to make Obama look bad. It's unknown if he's running, or just trying to get what he wants out of Obama - either way it's interesting. (He only has 3,985 fans on Facebook.)

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