Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rock Of Ages

We went to see Rock Of Ages on Broadway last night. The 80s jukebox musical features the music of Journey, Styx, Pat Benatar, Twisted Sister, Poison, Asia and many other bands that I'd never heard of. The crowd knew every lyric (I at least recognized most of the songs) and openly sang along while waving the plastic fake lighters handed out before the show.

Constantine Maroulis, from 2005's American Idol, stars as an L.A. newbie trying to become a huge rock star. He's perfect for Rock Of Ages and has the audience loving him from the start. I've worked with Constantine before, in Jacques Brel... when I assistant directed that Off-Broadway, and it was great to see him insomething where he could truly let loose.

He's joined by the wonderful Amy Spanger, who I've loved since I saw her as Maureen (she was amazing) in a D.C. production of RENT in 1998. Another standout is Adam Dannheisser, as the rock club owner, who nearly 'outdudes' Jeff Bridges here.

It's well directed by Kristin Hanggi, best known in NYC for Bare, with a very funny book by Chris D’Arienzo. They both get the tone exactly right for this sort of endeavor.

Rock Of Ages opened tonight on Broadway and it's already getting some really good reviews, even from The New York Times! It'll be rocking Broadway for a long time to come.

On a side note - you can drink beers in your seat! It's nice to be treated like an adult in the theater and allowed to sip a beverage while enjoying the performance. Other houses take note - it's 2009.


  1. it reminded me of High School Musical on stage in the way that a good amount of the audience insists on singing along with the actors...only there not 7 year olds....more like 37 years old and bald. I'm not bitter about that guy behind us at all.

  2. You know it's a good show when you buy an airline ticket to specifically see it!! That's just what I did after seeing it off Broadway. I knew I had to see it again on Broadway! The writer is correct in that the show is perfect for Constantine. He truely rocks this show.

  3. I had never flown across country before just to see a Broadway musical. The first time it happened it was solely to see Constantine in The Wedding Singer in 2006. Then I flew back to see him in Jacques Brel in 2007, and now I've flown back 3 times already just to see Rock of Ages - so I guess now I'm just as obsessed with Rock Of Ages as I am Constantine. ROCK OF AGES: Stimulating the economy and more! LOL I'll be back.