Friday, January 29, 2010

On Khalid Shaikh Mohammed’s Trial

I chimed in on today's Big Question on The Hill.

Where should the Obama administration move Khalid Shaikh Mohammed’s trial if it is not held in New York?

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed should face trial in New York City, where he murdered over 3,000 people. To say it's too "expensive" or "inconvenient" for the City to be a part of him getting justice is flabbergasting. Who do people think Mohammed is, Magneto from X-Men? Does anyone think he's really going to escape? Is it a remotely serious notion that his buddies will attempt to bust him out of prison? Try the coward downtown, stop pretending he's more powerful than he actually is, and bring him to justice in New York City.


  1. Ryan,

    You make the case for keeping the trial in NYC very well. And until the last several days, I was in total agreement with your well stated position. However, the "fly in the ointment" for me at the moment is Mayor Bloomberg's assertion that the security costs will be a billion dollars. Now I have to question if the statement we would love to make by having the trial in lower Manhattan is worth that exhorbitant price tag.