Saturday, January 30, 2010

Obama Speaks To House Republicans

President Barack Obama took questions from House Republicans at a conference in Baltimore today, in an event that looked like something out of British Parliament. One by one, the president was able to address and refute the Republican talking points. It’s amazing to see these (mostly) little men getting schooled by our professor-president in such a calm and scholarly way.

Politically, it was a nice win for Obama, and the White House should focus on doing similar things. We’ve actually got a pragmatic president who is detail-oriented and understands policy. It’s wise to use that. Make it a monthly thing. At some point, Republicans are not going to be interested in engaging with Obama, once they learn that their attempts at political spin are thwarted.

It’s been fun watching MSNBC and CNN (plus most liberal/moderate bloggers) fawning over the president’s performance. That kind of thing can’t hurt, and I can’t wait to see more of it.

Now lets see if these words can translate to a real jobs bill and finally passing healthcare reform.

Originally posted on The Hill.

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