Monday, January 4, 2010

Cockroach Hunters

I often say that there is always something to discover in New York City. I'm usually referring to pleasant things, but two Manhattan high school students discovered a new breed of cockroach during a DNA barcoding project at Trinity School.
"[Closely-related] species don't differ [by] more than one percent, [while] this cockroach is four percent different," agreed Professor Mark Stoeckle. "This suggests it is a new species of cockroach."
Further investigation is essential before it can be determined whether the students' discovery is a new species or a subspecies. If their finding is confirmed, it is traditional that the discoverers -- Ms. Tan and Mr. Cost in this case -- will be granted naming rights for the new species.
I hope this pans out for the students, it would be an impressive discovery. Now if I can only get them to test some of the crazy huge rats I see roaming my Bushwick streets.

Originally posted on CitizeNYC.

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