Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mya Releases Domestic Violence Track - Blackout

Pop singer Mya has released a portion of her new song Blackout (Explicit Lyrics), which addresses domestic violence. The song was recorded before the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation, but one can't help but make the connection.

Mya said in an interview with Honey Magazine, that at first she didn't believe the Chris Brown story, "I assumed it was another outrageous, untrue rumor from an illegitimate gossip site." It wasn't until she was playing tracks of her upcoming album for friends that she realized the song's impact.

Blackout was inspired by two friends who were abused by their boyfriends.

Mya wouldn't give Rihanna any advice, saying that she wasn't in any "position to give proper advice unless I’ve been given all facts from the direct source." She also stressed that she believes abusers can change, "I think anyone can change if they truly want to. It’s internal first. Regarding violent partners, it helps if a strong support system is in place to monitor and see the process through. "

The response from the male members of the pop/hip-hop world has been underwhelming, with many performers sounding like wife-beater apologist. It's nice that some members of the music world are trying to speak out.

Mya has been active in organizations that combat domestic violence, including her own, The Mya Arts and Tech Foundation.

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Originally posted on The Huffington Post.

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