Friday, March 27, 2009

First Mr. Broadway Contestant Pictures!

We've just got a few pictures in from Carol Rosegg's Broadway Beauty Pageant photo shoot on Monday. They came out really wonderful. Above is one of the shirtless group shots, the boys are from left to right; Anthony Hollock (Mr. Hair), Adam Fleming (Mr. Wicked), James Brown III (Mr. Little Mermaid), David Larsen (Mr. Billy Elliot), and Jonathan Sandler (Mr. Mary Poppins). Unfortunately, Jonathan has had to leave the show because of schedule conflicts. Not pictured is Tony James, Mr. Lion King.

To the right is David Larsen, who as Mr. Billy Elliot is my early favorite. Although, I don't get any say in the winner - that's decided 100% by audience vote. Tickets are available now for April 20th.

More pictures soon.


  1. No Jonathan?!?! I'm crushed - he's so cute!

  2. Mr. Mary Poppins is a hottie - too bad he had to drop out.
    A great group of attractive guys - looking forward to more pics!