Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brooklyn Tornado

What was probably a tornado hit Brooklyn tonight. Below are a few pictures from my extended walk home from the L train. I had to get off early because of how slow it was running. Lots of fallen trees and signs blown over. Certainly something I haven't seen much of in New York before.

There are very few actual tornadoes recorded in New York City. The strongest was in 2007.

Update: An amazing video someone took from their roof. Go citizen journalism.


  1. If this was a tornado, it would be the 2nd confirmed one in the NYC-area this year (Bronx had one too). WTH mother nature???

  2. Craziness! Of all the things I expected to see when I moved to NYC, a tornado was NOT one of them. I was actually sitting on a transit bus in Midtown when the rain came through. It was fast, furious and then gone in less than 10 minutes.