Sunday, December 13, 2009

NY Times Smacks Bloomberg for Private Jet to Copenhagen

The NY Times notes the unsubtle irony of Mayor Bloomberg's environmental record. On the public front, he's a "visionary." But, in private he is one of the "worst individual polluters ever to hold public office."

He owns two private jets, the least efficient form of transportation on earth. I take the L train everywhere, Mayor Bloomberg takes a jet or, if he's feeling cheap, a personal helicopter.

Just how bad is it to take your private jet to a climate change summit overseas? Someone did the math: "By taking his Falcon 900 to Denmark, Mr. Bloomberg will be responsible for the release of 37 times the carbon dioxide than if he and his entourage flew on a scheduled commercial flight." Way to be a jerk Mr. Mayor.

Originally posted on CitizeNYC.


  1. Were you somehow unaware of this the whole time you were endorsing Bloomberg up and down the Internet? Eight years and three elections is a little late to start caring about these things now, right?

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