Thursday, October 29, 2009

Creativity In 100 Words

My friend actor/blogger Blaine Hogan asked me to write 100 words on the idea of "creating a new work." He is collecting 100 words on many topics and posting them on his website.

Here I am:
Creating Something New

Creating a new work is about more than just a great idea. People have ideas all the time, but few follow-up on them and allow them to grow. Even fewer actually complete them. No matter what you’re creating (a musical, film, book, etc.) you’re going to need support. Even the most individual arts require feedback. In my experience, creating theatre is a total ensemble activity. You don’t know what you’ve got until actors and designers have provided their interpretations and visions. Successful creators never get too caught up in themselves or lose focus on the ones who’ve contributed to “their” creation.

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  1. My former high school choir director sent me a Facebook message stating, "Joseph, go to Google and search Street Lights musical. The composer, Joe Drymala, is a former student of mine from Eisenhower MS before I moved back to New Braunfels, TX."

    I instantly made the connection that you were the director/co-producer of the show and started FBing and Tweeting all over the place. Small world.

    If you get the chance, let Joe know Mrs. Bartos from 6th grade to 8th grade says "Hi!"