Friday, September 11, 2009

ACLU Settles With O.C. School District

This spring I blogged extensively on Corona del Mar High School's censorship of the musical RENT. As it turned out, it wasn't just musicals they were censoring - there was an atmosphere of hate and fear throughout the school.

The ACLU went after the district for failing to protect a young girl from violent threats. They finally put the school district on the defensive. From yesterday's LA Times:
An Orange County school district where varsity athletes threatened to rape and kill the lead actress in a student production of the musical "Rent" has agreed to provide harassment and discrimination prevention training to Corona del Mar High School students, teachers and administrators and other district officials, according to a legal settlement announced Wednesday. The Newport-Mesa Unified School District will also apologize to the former student.
I wish they'd have been able to fire their Principal, Fal Asrani, who seemed completely uninterested in protecting her students. Fal herself is one of the bigots that needs discrimination prevention training.

Update: Fal Asrani has been replaced as principal.


  1. Having grown up in Orange County, CA, none of this surprises me. My mother used to teach in that school district, though in the elementary schools. Lots of rich, white, conservative Republicans in that area.

  2. Fal Asrani supposedly went to work for the Partnership for Los Angelesa Schools as an assistant superintendent, but the rumors are flying that she was fired from that job before she even started. I've also heard that she came back to Newport looking for her principalship back, but was turned away (which is why the district raced through the process to find a permanent replacement: so that they could shut the door behind her as quickly as possible.) To be sure - the PLAS did not publish anything on their website regarding a new AS, nor do they list her among the staff. One final rumor claims that she's suing Newport Mesa and the drama teacher for defamation of character.

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