Thursday, May 21, 2009

Casting: GAGE Part One - A New Musical

I'm directing a reading of the new musical GAGE Part One at Theatre Row Studios in June and we're casting. Details below, please submit or forward to friends who may be interested!

GAGE Part One, A New Rock Musical
Venue: Theatre Row Studios on 42nd Street
AEA Approved 29HR Reading (guidelines pending)
$100 Travel Stipend

Director: Ryan J. Davis
Book: Cameron Cole
Music: Ryan Mercy
Lyrics: Christopher Barnes
Casting: Daryl Eisenberg, CSA
Auditions (by appointment): Thursday, 5/28 from 3pm-6pm
Rehearsals: 6/06/09-6/09/09
Performances: Wednesday, June 10th

To make an Appointment:

[Ben] Tenor - Mid to late 20s, A precarious introvert who has closed himself off to reality. He is a very pained individual who goes to great length to keep people from seeing how much life has beaten him down. His only escapes come in the form of comics or his best friend/brother Noel. He is an intelligent person and a good writer who is not living up to his potential.

[Kevin] Tenor- Early to late 20s, Kevin is a very genuine person who wears his heart on his sleeve, but a lack of confidence and his shyness keep him from being an assertive person. He is sensitive, kind and giving to a fault. The actor playing Kevin also plays Noel's father.

[Zach] Baritone- Mid to late 20s, An aggressive, loud and boisterous example of classic masculinity. Noel's other friend is everything that Ben is not. The actor playing Zach also plays Ben's Dad, the 30's style Newsman, and the Bouncer with similar aplomb

[Tina] Mezzo/Alto- Mid to late 20s, Tina is a no nonsense type of person who will call you out on your shit without ever being a bitch. Assertive, confident, and smart. The actress also plays Noel's Mom with similar frankness, as well as one of the Muggers.

[Lauren] Mezzo- Early to late 20s, Lauren is a lofty and idealistic girl lost in a world of cynics. The actress also plays Ben's Mom, one of the Muggers, and Mrs. Hurdicure, who is an 30's style Upper West Side woman.


  1. but what's it about?

  2. Bit off topic: Is "One True Source Talent" a legit casting business? My partner received a call from them but it just seemed "off." He's been in an episode of Forensic Files and a few other little things (I was trying to get him to apply for your musical... He interrupted me to ask you about this... :D)

  3. I've never heard of them, but there are a ton of companies - so they could very well be the real thing.

  4. sounds fun! found your blog because you followed me on twitter..I am now following you lol

    Good luck with the casting..You're cute btw;)

  5. P.S. Kevin's character description sounds like myself lol

    Only he's younger:(

  6. Good luck with the show tomorrow. Opening night, eh? Hope you post pics. Wishin' you all the best.