Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Funny ’Conservative’ Friend

My funny GOP friend Jammy and I were chatting on AIM.

rjdavismd2 (1:44:37 PM): you're a registered republican right?
burgwithonions (1:44:52 PM): yes I am
rjdavismd2 (1:45:21 PM): who would you vote for
burgwithonions (1:45:56 PM): at first I was going to register as independent but I wouldn't be able to vote
burgwithonions (1:45:59 PM): Ron Paul of course
rjdavismd2 (1:46:09 PM): oh fun
rjdavismd2 (1:46:10 PM): you should vote
burgwithonions (1:47:38 PM): yeah, I like him. A lot better than the other republicans
burgwithonions (1:47:42 PM): I wish he would get more attention
rjdavismd2 (1:47:52 PM): he's my favorite racist candidate for sure
burgwithonions (1:49:21 PM): hah, well I think Hillary is my favorite racist candidate, if only she was republican
rjdavismd2 (1:50:11 PM): She's run a more racist campaign than anyone but Mike Huckabee.
burgwithonions (1:52:20 PM): Mike Huckabee is the worst, but she's just as bad.

Anyone think he's wrong? I don't.

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